Technical Services - Fire Safety Engineering 
Many of Force Fire Consultancy Ltd.’s Clients have asked for fire safety engineering to be included so they will have a ONE STOP SHOP for all matters relating to fire safety. To oblige our Clients, we established a separate Fire safety Engineering Division in Force Fire Consultancy Ltd. 
Our Director of Technical Services, Matthew Ward, has 28 years’ experience in the design, installation, and maintenance of the safety systems. He organises out Technicians with in-house training including site training and monitoring. Our Technicians, include a Senior Technician with 25 years’ experience and a qualified electrician with 30 years’ experience. 
Our other Technicians star with the basic weekly testing of Fire detection and fire alarm systems and monthly testing of emergency lighting. On-site training introduces them to basic maintenance and leads to higher level systems such as radio fire alarms and analogue addressable Fire detection and fire alarm systems. 
We have found that in-house training results in competence for the tasks we are contracted to undertake. 
Technical Services 
Our Technical Services include design, installation, commissioning, testing, and maintenance of a variety of systems. 
The systems include: 
Fire detection and fire alarm systems 
Emergency lighting 
Smoke extract systems 
Smoke ventilation systems 
Staircase pressurisation 
Automatic sprinkler systems 
Dry rising mains 
Fire Safety Systems – Health Checks 
When our Consultants undertake fire risk assessments, they often find failings where fire safety systems (not maintained by Force Fire Consultancy Ltd.) have defects. Defects have included totally defective systems; emergency lighting having 50% of emergency lights defective, a Fire detection and fire alarm system in Wembley with 350 defects showing, and more. In all cases the systems have been subject to maintenance contracts. 
The problem in our age is a lack of training resulting in a lack of competence to maintain fire safety systems. The building in Wembley with 350 defects was being “maintained and the maintenance company said the defects were due to water in the system!”. Our Technicians spent two days on site to identify the causes of the defects, and three weeks to clear all defects with minimal materials and detectors required, for less than £5,000. 
Force Fire Consultancy Ltd. now provides Fire Safety Systems Health Checks of all systems where faults/defects show and the maintenance company cannot rectify them. 
Give Force Fire Consultancy Ltd. a call for assistance. 
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